Top 10 BEST FREE WordPress Themes For 2022

Best Free WordPress Themes for Beginners

Hello Dear, today I’ll be showing you the top ten best free WordPress themes for 2022. Now, I’ll be honest, this blog took me longer to make than I thought it would because I spent days testing out various free WordPress themes and I narrowed my list down to ten in themes that I think you’re really going to like. Now, many of these new WordPress theme companies are just introducing some really new innovative features that you’ve probably never seen before. And today I’ll give a brief overview of all the WordPress themes in this Post.

So I’ll be judging these themes on a scale from one to ten, one being the best, obviously, and I’m actually rating these themes based off the theme customization and the feature. So what the theme can actually do, not necessarily the templates or the plugins that it comes with. Now, these top ten WordPress themes are all unique in their own specific way. They all offer free sort of templates so you can easily import your website with one click. They offer various customization features that can help you with specific website needs.

They are well coded and held by the coding standards to make sure your site is optimized and runs great. Plus, they all work with major page builders like Elementor, Divi, Gutenberg and Brizzy. Now, keep in mind a lot of these themes are free, but they all come with a Pro version. So if you do decide to use the free version and you want to upgrade to the Pro, I will leave discounts and coupons for various WordPress themes in the description below of this video. So let’s get started.

Top 10 free WordPress Themes For Blogging

  • Ocean WP

Oceanwp is old school. They are actually the second most installed WordPress theme in the WordPress repository. The general options are packed with different page layouts, different container sizes, different styling options for page titles, scroll to top buttons, and also contact forms that you can customize. You can also have different page layouts for each specific page. Oceanwp options have a lot of customization style options, but it does lack a header and a footer builder, which is disappointing figuring out how long they’ve been around.

You can still create a custom header with Ocean WP using the elements or page builder, but I think you can already do this with the Elementer Pro version. Personally, I wish they would clean up a lot of the styling options because they’re very scattered throughout the theme customizer and at times the options can be a bit overwhelming with all these customization options. Ocean WP also offers some starter templates for Elementor and Gutenberg. Now, I’m not picking on Ocean WP, but they do have a lot of extensions and I do find these extensions are definitely not worth $30 a piece. They should probably combine all these and charge one flat fee to increase enhancements for the WordPress team.

Plus, installing this many plugins on a WordPress website just to make it functional doesn’t really seem optimal for speed. Still, overall, it’s a great WordPress theme and I think it has everything you need for a basic WordPress website. Number seven Flocks Blocks is probably one of the best design WordPress themes on this list. It’s clean, the options are really easy to understand and the templates look great. What’s unique about the Fox theme is the design options.

  • Fox theme

You can choose from four different page animations, enable preloaders, and put your logo as a preloaded image as well. There’s also a progress bar that you can customize and change the colors. The Fox theme is great for all page builders and offers different page layouts, different post layouts, and also some different layouts for your WooCommerce products. The Fox team offers around 25 free charter templates that just look fantastic. And to be honest, I think they probably have the best design templates on this entire list of WordPress themes I am presenting.

What’s also neat about Blocks is that you get 40 plus new elements on your website. While some of these elements feel a little useless. They definitely have some really cool and creative elements that you can add on your WordPress websites. What I like more about Blocks is that their features are very different from a lot of other WordPress themes like the page animations and just the overall style of how they presented the theme customizer. But at times I feel the options can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes I cannot even find out what I’m designing.

Still, that’s probably a good thing to have a lot of options. I reviewed the theme a year ago and it was very glitchy and pretty bad, but I noticed they have definitely fixed some of those problems over the year. The only drawback is they don’t offer a header and a footer builder, which is a big deal breaker, but they do offer an extension to use the elementary page builder as its header and footer. That’s still a nice feature, but I do prefer the theme customizer. Making the header and footer.

  • Blocksy Theme

It’s fast and lightweight built with the best technology around.When you install its companion plugin, you will get six starter sites and useful extensions for affiliate marketing, cookies consent, Mailchimp, trending, and widgets. If you don’t like to use any of these extensions, you can always disable them anytime you want to.

  • ThemeForest

For me, it just feels more natural. The Pro version of Fox is actually one of the best sellers at ThemeForest, but I think that’s mainly due to the nicely designed templates. One slight drawback if you are going to use this theme, make sure you have good hosting. This theme requires a lot of server resources, and that’s fine as long as you have good web hosting.

  • Astra Theme

Personally, Astra doesn’t offer a lot of features compared to a lot of the other WordPress themes on the list. However, the Astra theme is currently unveiling their new header and footer builder in just a few weeks. So if you’re watching this video from a month from now, you will have a lot more control with the header and footer.

  • Astro Theme

The Astral theme is the number one most installed WordPress theme in the WordPress repository. The Astro theme is best well known for their amazing Starter templates. The Astro theme comes with 100 free Starter templates and also more than 250 Starter templates. In their Pro version. You can change the page layout for each page and has different selling options for transparent menus on each page. 

I think most people use the Astro theme for the Starter templates. These guys have done a superb job in making each layout look great and comes with various pages. As far as Starter templates, Astro offers the most and they look great. While the Astro theme doesn’t offer as much features as other themes, it’s a very reputable theme that is also very lightweight and carries a good reputation. I do have a 10% discount for the Pro version, which gives you access to all the Starter templates and to lock more features within the WordPress theme.

  • Deep Theme

The Deep theme is one of the newer themes to hit the market this year. And man are these developers getting aggressive. The Deep theme starts out with a set up wizard where you can import six really nice, harder websites. Unlike the other header and footer builders, deep has the most advanced header and footer system I have ever seen, plus it looks great. You can style each specific element with tons of customization features.

You can also customize the header for each specific device and also have a custom header for your sticky menu. The Deep Theme comes with a few predesigned headers to make things easier, and it also has a horizontal header builder. But I did have some trouble with it and it didn’t work for me. But since it’s a newer theme, just give them a month or two to fix out the bugs. Besides that, the customizer options are really nice.

The Deep theme offers preloaders scroll to top options, white labeling and other really neat features that you would usually need a plugin for, like smooth scrolling. The Deep Theme allows you to have a full page and container layouts. Plus what’s also neat is you can customize each of the page sizes for the blog and also for the mobile devices. There are other various styling options for your blog. You can choose from several different styles for your blog, and it also has some really cool sharing layouts for your post pages.

And oh my lord, this theme comes with 50 new elements for your WordPress website, all for free, which I think is pretty generous. I didn’t have time to go through each element, but you get the idea. Plus the customization options for each element is staggering. Just the icon box alone has 30 different styles to choose from. Each element has unique styling options, so be sure to check those out.

  • Drawback Theme

The only drawback for the theme is that this is a resource hog and you will need a very good web host for it. I also did find some minor bugs and minor glitches for this theme, like the horizontal menu not working well and some customization features just being a little unresponsive. That’s why I ranked at number five. But this team has tons of potential. Just give them time.

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  • Zeta Theme

Number nine Zeta is one of the few WordPress themes that offer something really unique in the theme.

Customizer. Zeta offers several different style headers with some options to add buttons or icons to your header. A cool feature is having the logo vertical, which gives it a really cool creative look. You can also assign the transparent menu and have them on specific pages in the free version another cool feature of Zeta is you can use a preloader and you can also set an image for that specific preloader. You can adjust the page size and the width of each page with Zeta so it works with all major page builders.

It works great for WooCommerce and has various styling options for the product and for the shop pages as well. The Zeta theme also comes with 25 free starter templates to use at your disposal. They also offer starter websites for brizzy.

  • Zakira theme

Let’s meet number ten. Number Ten zachary Zakra is a very standard WordPress theme that comes with just enough features to get your website up and running. It offers various container styles that you can customize for each specific page. Zacker offers some simple features like adding a secondary menu and just some different styling options for your header. It also comes with some different layouts for WooCommerce and also your single products.

Overall, Zakira is a decent WordPress theme that can get the job done. The Zakira theme comes with 25 free starter templates for elementor that you can quickly import with one click. Some of the starter templates even come with up to seven pages, which is really cool. The Pro version offers some more control over the header and more layouts, and also access to their entire library of templates, which actually are pretty nice.