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Social Bookmarking Sites List 2022 with High DA & PR | Techtopost

Social Bookmarking Sites List 2022 with High DA & PR | Techtopost

Social bookmarking is one of the easiest ways to spread the word about your website. I recommend sharing your pages, articles and news on a few well-established sites each week.

Social Bookmarking Sites Techtopost

What is a Social Bookmarking Site?

Instead of using a simple bookmark to save your favorite web site, you can use the features of the social bookmarking website. They are commonly used by people who regularly update blogs or websites, so that they can easily save their most recent post. There are several popular social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Delicious. The concept behind social media sites is that anyone can add a site for everyone else to access and comment on it so that everyone can benefit from the various sites. By using social bookmarking sites not only do you make your life much easier as well as help others find new sites with ease, but you also gain a great deal of popularity due to all the other users visiting and voting on your links.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites make it easier for users and audiences alike find you when they are looking up certain topics. Whatever your niche or industry, there is always a ready-made audience out there who would love to learn more about it. And the best way to market your website is by using dofollow social bookmarking sites, which will make it easier for users and audiences alike find you when they are looking up certain topics.

How Do Social Bookmarking?

Here I am listing some of the best social bookmarking tips & tricks which you should remember while using these services for book marking a web page.

  • Create a unique title of your social bookmarking link
  • Create a unique description in around 50 – 100 words
  • Select some tags / keywords to use during social bookmarking submission
  • Follow the social bookmarking website’s guidelines
  • Don’t bookmark a single URL many times

Here I’m Sharing Instant approval Social Bookmarking Sites 2022

Top 10 Social Bookmarking / Sharing Sites List 2022

Google Bookmarks | DA 100

Google bookmarks is an easy way to save and share items you find while browsing the web. It helps to save any content from blog posts, images, videos or else even a group of all these at once. | DA 96, one of the popular social media sites, offers an opportunity to the public and business to create groups, public pages, messages to other users, and even organize events!

LinkedIn Corporation | DA 97

LinkedIn is one of the best sources for B2B niches. It’s growing every single year, providing a great platform for professionals to share their stories and also learn from one another.

Pinterest | DA 94

Pinterest’s popularity is undoubtedly growing, with more than 70 million users, 1100 new signups per minute, and over 25 billion pins. I would bet a few of you reading this article have a Pinterest account — whether you use it or not — that’s how large of a platform it has become.

Instagram | DA 93

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social sharing platforms. It is a highly visual platform, where you can share videos and images. After launching in 2010, it quickly grew to 30 million users. In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram. Since then, although new features are slowly added to the platform, Instagram has kept its core features intact and has continued growing.

Twitter | DA 93

Twitter is another social sharing site with millions of active users worldwide. Though contrary to Facebook, Twitter was designed to share short messages or updates online.

Slashdot | DA 91

Slashshot is a social site that allows users to submit stories and link and share each others sites. We have our own url shortening service that allows you to track traffic and see how many clicks your links are generating.

Diigo | DA 89

Diigo is an online platform where you can save, collect and share web pages of interest and relevance.

Plurk | DA 88

Plurk is a social sharing platform that functions a little like twitter. This social sharing site is a great way to circulate information, news, and updates.

Tumblr | DA 87

Tumblr is a blogging platform and social network that reaches more than 175 million monthly users. The great thing about Tumblr is that allows you to create micro-blogging updates, similar to Twitter.

New Approved Social Bookmarking sites List 2021-2022
S.NO Social Bookmarking Sites  Link 
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7 Dofollow
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10 Dofollow
11 Dofollow
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13 Dofollow
14 Dofollow
15 Dofollow
16 Dofollow
17 Dofollow
18 Dofollow
19 Dofollow
20 Dofollow
21 Dofollow
22 Dofollow
23 Dofollow
24 Dofollow
25 Dofollow
26 Dofollow
27 Dofollow
28 Dofollow
29 Dofollow
30 Dofollow
31 Dofollow
32 Dofollow
33 Dofollow
34 Dofollow
35 Dofollow
36 Dofollow
37 Dofollow
38 Dofollow
39 Dofollow
40 Dofollow
41 Dofollow
42 Dofollow
43 Dofollow
44 Dofollow
45 Dofollow
46 Dofollow
47 Dofollow
48 Dofollow
49 Dofollow
50 Dofollow
51 Dofollow
52 Dofollow
53 Dofollow
54 Dofollow
56 Dofollow
57 Dofollow
58 Dofollow
59 Dofollow
60 Dofollow
61 Dofollow
62 Dofollow
63 Dofollow
64 Dofollow
65 Dofollow


Final Thoughts
Social bookmarking is part of the process of content marketing and one of three top SEO activities which build a brand’s presence online within its target audience. Social bookmarking is an activity which involves saving interesting information from websites onto social bookmarking sites. By doing this, you are helping others discover interesting websites as well and this increases your chances of acquiring new customers.