Orexteno is a source of personal finance advice with emphasis on savings, investments, banking tips and other real life topics. Orexteno is a personal finance blog providing helpful guides and advice on how to manage your personal finances effectively for achieving financial independence and how to better manage your money.

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We also provide Personal Finance, Banking Tips, Retirement Planning & Debt Management are what we are good at. We have identified and simplified the process for our readers to take control of their Financial Future in the most efficient yet easy way possible

We are here to help you reach your financial goals that you can achieve. You can come with any kind of financial inquiries and issues or just give us a call if you want to get regular updates on how the market is doing.

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Hello, I am Manik Chandra Dhor, founder of orexteno.com. I started my blog to help people by sharing my 3 years of knowledge and experience.

I am a young finance advisor and banking and investment enthusiast with a passion for helping others generate wealth.

I am an independent Finance Advisor, Banking Expert, Investment Advisor, and Stock Market Expert. I help my clients get rich by giving them quality financial advisory services.

I am also a Financial Analyst and former architect turned cryptocurrency expert. Everyone wishes me well so that I can help everyone with all my knowledge.

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